July 14, 2010

FUJI GW690III - Provo Canyon

Summers in UT are amazing. And summers in UT with my family are even more amazing.


Brandon said...

6x9 is the perfect format for family outing snapshots... Wait... Don't 35mm cameras shot 3x2? Just sayin... ;)

Really like the last shot!

Crystal said...

You and I have the same stroller and our kids dress in the same clothes... also I am love with summers in Utah and consider this my canyon.
Good things are popular.

Paul Gero said...

all horizontals??!!!!??


Jonathan Canlas said...

EXACTLY PAUL! pushing myself. and yeah brandon, i could cop out and shoot 35mm because it is easy but i did not. i pushed myself with this beast of a camera and forced myself to do things the hard way. the only way i feel i'll get better.

safe is the the road i want to travel on photographically.

Brandon said...

That's great! And I totally agree! But every camera has it's place and that first shot will make an amazing 20x23 print! But I really don't think 35mm is copping out. It has it's place.

Love you recent personal work btw!