June 30, 2010

FUJI GF670 - Damien & Sarah Jurado

I have been listening to Damien's music for almost a decade. A lot of the work I've created has been made with his music as the soundtrack. If you are not familiar with Damien's music, try THIS, THIS, or THIS. When his wife, Sarah, contacted me asking if I wanted to meet up before the show, I about flipped. It was literally a dream come true to take these photos. If you missed the first post from this shoot, check it out HERE.

And yeah, I printed a 16x16 of the image on the right of the 1st diptych for my office.

You can get his most recent album in digital format for $5.00 from Amazon. It is unreal. And all recorded on ONE TAKE.


Dainon. said...

Effin A, dude.

Kip Beelman said...

Such a small world. I engineered and mixed his first Sub Pop single and subsequent album, 'Waters Ave. South'.

All we talk about when running into one another these days is photography... He's a shutterbug.