May 17, 2010

These guys bring me so much joy - FUJI INSTAX MINI

I love this camera ALMOST as much as I love my family. Are the photos really "professional"? No, they are not. But my family outings are not of the "professional" nature and this camera is so great at just getting snapshots. And the coolest thing? You get these cute little wallet sized prints that I know my kids will CHERISH when they are older.

The INSTAX MINI 7. You can pick one up and all the things you'll need with it HERE.


jamie said...

is that a filipino shirt?! soo cool :) love the toothbrush shot and the bikey ones!

Christopher Wilocki said...

SO many people have yet to discover this camera! I have a bunch of posts about it and people love it! Its affordable and the film is pretty cheep too!!!
So awesome!

kimsueellen said...

uhm, weston's shirt...totally rad. these are perfection.

Jonathan Canlas said...

ha, there are a ton of rad tshirts going on in here.

ila's filipino shirt
weston's still love film shirt

and yes christopher, seriously, this camera is so much fun and these scans do the prints NO JUSTICE. it is seriously just so fun and CUTE!

algreig said...

love these :) my kids have the same filipino shirt, along with haole and hapa ones too--hawaii swap meet! i just found my grandmas polaroid land camera and am looking forward to putting a pack of film in it--thanks for all the filmy inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I love all your stuff...but I really "feel it" in pictures of your kids.


lisa wiseman said...

i also love that they're business card sized... they almost function like some kind of super-cool trading card :)