March 25, 2010

Film is Not Dead - V. 4.0 Testimonial - JB White

The Film Is Not Dead Workshop is the best workshop out there, period. It doesn't matter if you shoot film, digital or wet plate collodion. If you haven't shot film before, you will certainly learn all the technical aspects of shooting film. But the workshop is so much more than just technical information. Jon challenges you to refine your own personal vision as a photographer. All through the workshop I kept asking myself "what do I want to say as a photographer". This, in my opinion, is where most other workshops fail.

Jon was great! He was totally approachable about any topic, big or small. The class size was just right. And the amount of time spent in lecture and out shooting was perfectly balanced.

I left the workshop feeling rejuvenated as a photographer and excited to implement the ideas that came to me during the course of the workshop.

And after the workshop is over, the learning doesn't end, you are actually just getting started. You then have access to the Film Is Not Dead Forum which is absolutely the best forum on the internet. It is a great community, comprised of only workshop alumni, all with the purpose of helping each other grow and succeed as photographers.

Oh, and the food! Don't get me started. Everything about this workshop is top notch all the way around. If you are still on the fence about attending, just will be glad you did.

-JB White

If you are interested in the workshops, there are 3 spots left for San Diego and 3 spots left for Park City. Email me for details.

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