March 3, 2010

Film is Not Dead 2010

The website(s) are officially live! You can check them out HERE.

There are 3 sessions this year for Film is Not Dead:

July 19th-21st 2010 in San Diego (SOLD OUT)
July 26th-28th 2010 in San Diego
Oct 4th-6th 2010 in Park City UT

All the information you need to know about all 3 sessions can now be found on the website!

Hopefully, I'll see you in either San Diego or Park City!

1 comment:

Kisha of Sahara Blue said...

OOOOooh I really really hope I can make the Park City workshop. Time to start

p.s. I LOVE the workshop sites. Such a great design! Off to check it out now :)