February 15, 2010

My life 2.13.2010 - Fuji FP-3000B

These were all taken on Saturday the 13th, 2010. Scott, my father-in-law flew in from Dallas for literally like 8 hours to come see Weston. All of Callie's siblings came up to the PICU and we took turns seeing Weston and spent some quality time as a family. It was SO great to be there with everyone even if our kids were louder than the show we saw that night :). Scott had to be at the airport around 2 so we headed back to Lehi where I hung out with the kids for a bit until the babysitter came. Callie and I headed to Provo to go see Micah play a quick show @ Muse Music. My good friend from college, Michelle, was working 2 doors down at the other venue (Velour) so I stepped in and snapped a couple shots, 1 for her, 1 for me :). Then all of Callie's siblings, their significant others (except her brother Collin) went to Wingers. Definitely not my first choice to go to eat but one of my brother in laws LOVES it (Covey) so off we went. My bowels hated me later that night but all in all it was awesome to be with everyone.

I can't say this enough, there is nothing more important in this world to me than my family.

These were all taken on my Polaroid 600SE on Fuji FP-3000B instant film. This camera definitely takes some getting used to as it is a range finder camera AND everything is backwards (you hold it on the left and focus with your right hand) but I love this combo of camera and film almost as much as I love my family. Seriously. It has become my camera/film choice for all my personal work. Why? Because it is instant, the 3000 ISO I find to be useful in ALL lighting situation, it is 3x4 prints, and it is life unscripted which is a bit different than my weddings where things might be slightly directed. The last thing I love about this is that I almost NEVER use a light meter when shooting this camera. I am really starting to know my exposures @ 3000iso no matter what the lighting situation is. That is not to say I nail it every time, but I am always really close. This is what personal work is all about, learning your craft on your own time, not when someone is paying you.

Totally winded post compared to any post I've put up lately but one last thing! I wanted to ask if anyone else has this camera, if they have any advice about reducing the spotting on the prints? I clean my rollers EVERY TIME but I still get spots on my images from splotchy developing. Anybody have any advice?


Kevin Charlie said...


I've been following your blog for quite some time now... I love your work and how personal it is. You offer an intimate look into the most personal moments in your life. I love your style and how you see and capture things through your lens. It is very inspiring.

I can only imagine what you're going through right now. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family right now.

Giving you strength, love and hope,

jenlongaway said...

your family seems so tight! love it.

the one with your little girl in the locker makes me smile.

Jasmine said...

LOVE the pic of Ruby climbing into the locker! We're praying for little Weston....let me know if there's anything we can do.

Love you guys.

Josh McCullock said...

You've captured some really powerful moments, thanks for sharing! Thinking of you guys and your little one!

Jonathan Canlas said...

thanks guys. and that is LULU climbing in the locker :)

Christopher said...

are you getting the splotches on prints using 100c or 100b?

Christopher said...

PS Do my eyes deceive me or is Mikah growing a mikahstache?

Christopher Wilocki said...

Jonathan, I admire everything you do! I just got my 600SE a couple weeks ago and about 2 packs later I was scared because I love it so much! I have not used it enough to start commenting on it. But it is funny that you have a hard time with the whole lefty righty thing! It is funny how weird that is.
Thank you for your Blog!!!!

kimsueellen said...


I remember back at FIND 1.0 discussing your need for instant gratification...and here it is! HOLLA to the MAX.

Also, let's discuss Micah's music on channel 11. We walk around all day singing...ba da ba da ba da da...

Huggs...HUGE prayers. And DOOD if you need something besides pizza this week...we'd be happy to oblige.

Jenna & Matt Walker said...

good, happy, get well thoughts and lots of positive vibes your way - praying for a speedy recovery to your little man ;) lots of love to you all!!!!