February 3, 2010

Jacinth & Keiv - Denver CO - 12.18.2009 & Lehi UT - 1.9.2010

I love how many kids were at this wedding. So, so great.

You can view the both event and order prints HERE and HERE.


Melinda said...

I like the picture of the identical twins. Very Diane Arbus :)

Larry said...

Beautiful images, Jon!! Well done, as always!

Donny said...

Thanks for sharing! These are awesome! I love photographing kids because they're not as shy as adults.

Ja said...

man--this couple looks like the youngest ones i've ever seen!

Kaje said...

The ones of Trev and Bowen are hilarious, and so totally captures them.

AHH! I love this family!

I've been waiting for these photos with great anticipation. Fantastic!