February 20, 2010

1on1 Workshop w/ Amy & Steve Glover

Back in Dec. I had a wedding in Scottsdale AZ. Amy & Steve contacted me about attending a Film is Not Dead workshop but none of the dates/locations worked for them. So, we did a 1on1 workshop with just the 3 of us while I was in AZ as they literally were like 5 minutes away. They came to my wedding on the 26th and watched me/assisted me at the wedding. Then the next day we spent a big chunk of the day at their BEAUTIFUL home (seriously, it was so, so rad) talking all aspects of film, business, marketing, posing, post-processing, you name it. Questions asked, questions answered. And then went out and did a small family session with their (GORGEOUS) friends. My only regret is not getting a real photo of Amy & Steve on film (there is one shot here of Amy in the mirror but you can't see her all that well). And did I mention her kids are ANGELS? I had family dinner with them and it was AMAZING to see them all sitting sans screaming, being UBER polite, eating all the food on their plates. Such a polar opposite of my angels :). I really felt like family in their home and made some great, great new friends. Thanks so much Amy & Steve for having me out and here's to 2010!

If you can't make it to one of the Film is Not Dead workshops, and are interested in doing a 1on1, drop me a line. There are 3 options where you can either come to me, I come to you, or we do it when I'm in your area. There are also options to attend a wedding I shoot as well. Again, email me for the details.


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