January 18, 2010

V. 4.0 Testimonial - Allison Miles

"Film is Not Dead changed the way I see photography. Because I learned how to shoot on film, it has always held a special place in my heart. Shooting digital has been a sort of crutch for me because I could rely on reviewing my shots instantly rather than being scared of having any shots turn out shooting film. Shooting film exclusively seemed too risky, too scary, and too pricey to me. Jonathan, though, showed me that even I can get beautiful, standout images on film every time I shoot.

If you have any desire to learn how to shoot film, or if you want to gain the confidence to shoot film again, this is the workshop for you. Jonathan's "open book" style of teaching will change the way you approach shooting, and his friendly, candid demeanor will ease any nervousness you may have about learning from the film pro. The price tag? Worth every penny. And I do not say that tongue-in-cheek since I won a spot to Jonathan's workshop. The knowledge gained, friends made, food eaten, and film shot are worth much more than the price of the workshop. If you have been debating about whether or not to attend, make no mistake: this workshop will change your photography, and it will change you."

-Allison Miles

And if you wanting to head out to San Diego for Version 5.0 of this workshop, there are still spaces left. Drop me a line @ jonathan{at}jonathancanlasphotography{dot}com for the info!

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