January 21, 2010

My new intern, Claire - Fuji REALA

Again, more film the good folks at FujiFilm sent me to test out. This was shot on my Contax 645. This film is 100 ISO and was 120 format. Super fine grain, great color, and great saturation, I could not ask for more in a color film. We shot it, developed it, scanned it in 25 minutes. Again, straight scans (ask Claire!). Film is so not dead :).

Claire, who is specializing in weddings, is interning with me through BYU where she is getting a BFA in Photography. She's RAD (she's right behind over my shoulder as I write this) :).


wendy g said...

thanks for posting this! I was in B+H asking for some Reala 120 and they said it was discontinued. Is Fuji updating this film? I love Reala!
wendy g
and yes, Claire is RAD

Jonathan Canlas said...

I would assume so. My Fuji rep sent me this film to test out because they want to introduce it back into the US market. The film is rad, the color is great and the grain is INVISIBLE.

And yes, Claire is RAD.

Alisha Stamper | Photographer said...

i'll third that, (or 4th?) claire is RAD.

amelia johnson said...

Claire est magnifique! Bon appetit!

ashton rodgers said...

claire is a stud!

The Tolmans said...

i like claire. go BYU

Morgan said...

Reala is my favorite for all of the reasons that you mentioned. It's perfect for outdoor portaits.

I really love that you use film. These days I have so many people trying to persuade me to give up the film and just use a digital camera, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I love film. Just when I begin to fear that maybe it really is dead, I read your blog and feel reassured that film is, indeed, not dead.

Thank you for helping to keep film alive and thank you for the example that you have been to me.