January 11, 2010

Jason Canlas, my brother. 33 yrs old yesterday.

Yesterday was his birthday. Happy Birthday Ja, love you bro. Wish, oh, do I wish you guys lived closer. I could not imagine a more perfect birthday gift than having your adoption go through and spending it there in Cody WY.


Kristopher Orr said...

Manny Pacquiao!!

Ja said...

Thanks, Jon. Perhaps one day we can live closer. Love you too. It has been so nice to be able to have some bonding time with just Karen and Chase. Though, when Karen heard Grant's voice last night when he called to tell me Happy Birthday, she couldn't stop crying because she missed him so.

One more week, and we'll be back as a full family! Love you, Jon.

Megan Haney said...

if there was one photographer in the world I could meet, I'd be you. Amazing! ALWAYS!