January 19, 2010

Film is Not Dead atttendee - Rachel Thurston - PUBLISHED in Real Simple Weddings!

I picked up my copy in the airport in Honolulu flying back last week but you can go to your local bookstore and see Rachel Thurston published in the 2010 issue of Real Simple Weddings! Rachel attended the workshop in Laie for V. 2.0 (and you might remember her from this as well). I have to say, it is absolutely amazing to see someone I actually know be in that magazine. So, so cool. Congratulations Rachel!

We talk about getting published and getting your work out there at the workshop on day 3 and like I said, it is really satisfying to see attendees actually getting in print.

Want to learn about getting published @ V. 5.0 in San Diego? There are a couple spots left and the 411 can be found HERE.

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rachel thurston said...

Thanks for your support and excitement. And thanks to REAL SIMPLE. Love that magazine..really love them now.