December 4, 2009

Maht & Liz - FIND 4.0 - Heber City UT

Registration has begun for Version 5.0 of the workshop Film is Not Dead which will be in San Diego July 19-21st 2010. Email me for the 411.


The Photophile said...

Your photographs are fantastic, I really love the look and feel of them, your compositions are superb!

I think I saw it before, but what film do you normally use for weddings etc.? I shoot most of my important stuff on film, but unfortunately here in South Africa our choices are shrinking.

Tom said...

Really fine work here. Great looking couple and you do them great justice. Not just with the technical side of the art but your connection to them is obvious. I really look forward to seeing your work in the snow as it's something I always struggle with using, of course, film.

Amber said...

These are really great, just like almost all your work is really great. What's fantastic to me about this set is that it looks so different from a lot of the other images you've posted here. It's amazing that you can work so far from your "style" but still have the look that anyone could point at and say "That's Jonathan Canlas."

Amazing! I've never posted before but you inspire me pretty much constantly. Thank you!

Jonathan Canlas said...

Amber, thanks so much for commenting!

And it has been my constant goal/struggle to create a body of work that when people see it, they can actually say just that. "Oh, that is a shot by Jonathan Canlas". It is all about refining your vision and making your voice very strong and clear through your images.

So, thank you Amber for the nice words and comment!