November 4, 2009

WestLake High - Mr. Potter's 10th grade English class

My good friend Dann started his first year of teaching at the local high school here in Saratoga Springs. We'd talked about getting permission from the school to come in and take photos of his kids. This is the first installment. I think it is crazy you can kind of have an idea of who each of them are going to be in society just from a simple head shot and facial expression.

A second post of instant film (Fuji FP-100B) will go up tomorrow.

You can view all the kids HERE.


Raji Barbir said...

Third and fourth kids from the top; classic!

Very cool project too

mbobm said...

why are you so amazing? seriously, my idol.

The Good Report said...

More awesomeness....these are so interesting.

Melinda said...

I teach 7th grade science, and I love how you captured the personalities of the kids! I notice many photographers don't do pictures of teenagers besides senior portraits. It's too bad because they love the camera and have a ton of attitude. Great job!

Tara said...

sigh...i love your headshots. they never ever get old. the crops, the looks, sooo good. someday i will have a canlas headshot. :)