October 4, 2009

I'm back...

I just got back from Bali today.

Tomorrow we kick of Film is Not Dead V. 4.0 in Park City with a get together party sponsored by Instaproofs.

If you missed this workshop, there is 1 in the works for next year. That will be announced in the following months. Or if you are wanting something more personal, I am conducting 1on1 workshops as well. Email me for details. I will also be presenting at Bryan Johnson's workshop in Birmingham AL next month if you can make it out.

I have 5 weddings to blog that will be lots and lots of eye candy. LA, DC, Santa Barbara, Vegas and Newport Beach. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading.

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Stephen said...

Hi Jonathan! My name is Amy. I have been pouring over your images and workshop info for the past several days. I am making the leap to film from digital and am scared to death! Can't make it to your workshop so am glad to know you will have another. Would like to know about one on one sessions as well. I live in AZ. Any chance you will be shooting a wedding out here this year? Have a great time at the workshop. I hope your jetlag isn't too brutal!:)

Jonathan Canlas said...

thanks for the kind words! if you want to know about the 1on1's just email me at:


and yes, i'll be in phoenix on the 26th/27th of Dec!

Kjrsten said...

So glad to know you have another workshop coming. I decided once and for all- it's time. No more fence sitting and I am SO ready! eeeeek!

Jonathan Canlas said...

the next location is going to be the best one yet. warm, sunny, and some filipino flare :). hopefully, we'll see you there. announcement coming real, real soon.

Carrie said...

Park City would have been ideal! I only live a few hours north in Jackson Hole. I already did a workshop this year, and I limit myself to just one a year - So keep me posted on the next one. I'm shooting mostly film these days. It would be so nice to hang with a group of film shooters and meet the dudes from RPL. Good luck in PC! I'm sure the weather is lovely... ;)