October 23, 2009

Film is Not Dead - Park City UT...and on to San Diego.

It has been an absolute whirlwind since the workshop wrapped and I have not had much free time of anything. I just wrapped doing a 2 day shoot for XanGo (shot on Wed/Thurs images finished by Sat ON FILM). But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and wanted to post this image I shot at the workshop on day 1.

This is not a "polaroid". This is FujiFilm FP-3000B. FujiFilm actually has a variety of instant films (remember all those INSTAX I posted?) Brian Greenberg, of Richard Photo Lab, brought this camera and it blew my mind. The camera was actually an old polaroid camera with a modified 4x5 lens on the front and it obviously shoots instant film. So, so rad.

And one of the most important reasons these images looked great straight out of camera is because of FujiFilm. FujiFilm Pro 400H, FujiFilm 800Z, Neopan 1600, you name it, these films are responsible for the look I create. They are developed in FujiHunt chemistry and then scanned on a Fuji Frontier which is really responsible for the "look" of the images. I even shot some film on my Fuji GX680 camera so some of these images I'll get back are Fuji from start to finish :). I can not say enough good things about their film stocks. I'll let the images speak for themselves.

I also want to thank my attendees who made this workshop very life-changing in many levels. It was a great group of people who checked all egos at the door and created an amazing learning environment. A big thank you also goes out to all the models (9 sets!) who came and endured some crazy Heber UT weather! I can't wait to show you all these images! And a big thank you to Bryan Johnson, who came all the way out from Birmingham to be there. I can't wait for next month when I'll be at his workshop.

And a HUGE thank you to our other sponsors FINAO, who provides the amazing book that houses the workshop workbook. And to Instaproofs, for not only changing how I do business, but for having some of the best customer service known to man.

Film is Not Dead is now making its way to sunny San Diego July 19th-21st 2010. The website will get another overhaul and the official announcement (live website) will be coming soon. If you are interested in attending, just drop me an email.

Until then, let's keep film alive!


Tom said...

Jonathan, maybe you've now seen on Apug.org that there a lot more Film users that one thinks. And it's growing every day.....
I also think Richrds Lab is bang on wonderful.

I keep harping on it, but you both should come east and do a workshop here. I know quite a bit of folk that would attend and Richard's lab should have a great following from here as well, and get new customers.

Great photo BTW, I have a pack on order. I've been shooting with the 100c lately with the RZ67.

Sharon Johnson said...

I cannot wait to see these! I'm dying here...

Allie Love said...

Please, oh please come to the east cost. I would LOVE to attend a workshop!!!

Raji Barbir said...

I honestly believe that film will never die.

And that is an AWESOME shot

Wentzu Chang said...

I feel a good thing about attending workshops somewhere out of your town/city is...explore places you have never been before...FIND workshop is "f@#king" awesome...best ever!!!

Christopher said...

amazing experience jon, you were born to teach and this is better than any workshop/photog event i've attended. full of insight, inspiration and great food.

Ash said...

Agreed. It was a fantastic experience... I think about it every day, at least. I can't WAIT to get my film back... woohoo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jonathan
I've been following your work for a long time. Its inspirational.

Having only started photography a few years ago, (on digital) my passion in photography has always been deeply rooted in film.

My vision for my own wedding business is very much simular to your own...pure film weddings, fine art albums...

Im based in the Uk..different although still influenced by america.
I wish we had a Richard photo lab here... someone somewhere needs to grab the opportunity and start something simular here in the UK. There are so many photogs using film, but not really for weddings now.

Please come over to the UK soon ! I'll be your first workshopper!!

God bless you