October 28, 2009

Alyssa & Joseph - Washington DC

The reception was supposed to be in the backyard in this HUGE beautiful tent that they had set up. But alas, there was a HURRICANE happening and there was like 3 inches of water in the backyard. So plan B was bring it inside the house and they pulled it off beautifully. Thanks Alyssa & Joseph for having me out!

And a big thank you to Cody Buell for assisting me at this wedding as well!

You can view the whole event and order prints HERE.


Ryan said...

Awesome wedding Jon. I LOVE that you took photos of those houses across the street from the temple. Every time we went there I thought those houses were cool.

I'm also glad that Wilford Woodruff was able to attend the wedding. :) AMAZING beard and so much character.

Camille said...

LOVE the temple shot.

Ashley Smith said...

Ah shucks, someone stole my Wilford Woodruff comment already. Love these shots, they are beautiful, I don't think you could make food look more delicious

emlizalmo said...

I've been so excited to see your take on the DC temple. To see what you noticed and thought was beautiful. My husband and I got married there and I love that place. I recognize every single spot you used...even the homes across the street. These are absolutely gorgeous. As always.