September 17, 2009

Karen, my sister-in-law - FUJI GX680 + FUJI NEOPAN 400CN

Regrettably, this film is only available in the UK.


Melinda said...

Love this film! I have a friend going over to Scotland in a week, maybe she could find some. Quick question, I've read about handling film through international airports on Kodak's website, but I was curious what you do with your film when you travel out of the country. Do you ask to get it hand inspected at security check or do you keep it in your carry on? I noticed you've traveled a bit so I thought I'd ask :)

Jonathan Canlas said...

anything less than 1600 i send through over and over and over again no problem. i have them hand check any film that is 1600 or more. i usually travel with a ton of 100/400/800/1600/3200. hope that helps!

Melinda said...

That does help. Thanks!