August 25, 2009

Weston Scott Canlas - 2 months

The doctors say for his condition, he is doing the best he physically could be. If you did not listen to his heart, you would not know anything was wrong with him. He's our little miracle. And he just started smiling :). Photos surely to follow...

Weston is a name I chose after Edward Weston. Not so much because of his images. Don't get me wrong, his body of work is amazing. But more because of his passion for what he did. If you are a photographer and reading this and HAVE NOT read his Day Books, stop what you are doing, head over to AMAZON and pick them up.

Here are some quotes from Edward Weston:

"Anything that excites me, for any reason, I will photograph: not searching for unusual subject matter but making the commonplace unusual, nor indulging in extraordinary technique to attract attention. Work only when desire to the point of necessity impels – then do it honestly. Then so called “composition” becomes a personal thing, to be developed along with technique, as a personal way of seeing."

"The fact is that relatively few photographers ever master their medium. Instead they allow the medium to master them and go on an endless squirrel cage chase from new lens to new paper to new developer to new gadget, never staying with one piece of equipment long enough to learn its full capacities, becoming lost in a maze of technical information that is of little or no use since they don't know what to do with it."

Photography to the amateur is recreation, to the professional it is work, and hard work too, no matter how pleasureable it my be.

I don't want Weston, or any of my kids for that matter, to follow in my footsteps, unless they feel the passion for it. I want them to do whatever it is in life they have a passion for. To do anything besides that is not a life I would want for myself, or my kids.


emlizalmo said...

Aaaahhhh...I've been dying for more pictures of this sweet baby. He is beautiful, but I'm thinking you maybe already know that. Love the quote from his namesake. I compare myself too often to great photographers. Comparing NEVER makes me feel great. But photographing my children and my life does. Who cares if they are perfect, right?

Kjrsten said...

this is my favorite post to date. Everything. from Weston's close-ups' to E. Weston's words.
thank you for posting this!

aimee heff said...

Passion begets passion.

It will bleed of you into your children for whatever they decide to set their heart on.

Kim Sue Ellen said...

Love his words too. Love your words...and your photos. Makes me teary. So thankful your little Dubs is doing so well...he is a cutie and a half!

Paul Gero said...

well said Jonathan!

Amber said...

your sweet weston looks so wonderful! i'm so glad he is doing so well!