August 3, 2009

V. 3.0 Testimonial - Shannon Mocabee

So I've been to a few workshops now... I see them as not only a vacation, but also as sort of a school for me. No matter what I am always going to want to keep pushing myself, keep being inspired... keep learning from others who can provide so much insight into how to make my business better than I ever would have done on my own. Right away I knew that the Film Is Not Dead workshop was going to help me and my business grow. I was so ridiculously excited to see how Jonathan just laid it all out there and gave so much detailed information on what we would actually be learning... I've been to workshops that have been about growing and I've also been to some that have been a lot more... well... fluff. I knew immediately that Jon had to have spent countless hours setting up and perfecting the program ahead of time which showed me that he was the kind of teacher that really wanted to share his wisdom. I can't even tell you how every nervous hope was met with above and beyond wisdom and skills that are already adding to my precious little business.

I'm currently a 90% digital / 10% film shooter who from the beginning have had a love/hate relationship with film. I adore that film is so incredibly beautiful and time saving... but I've always feared it. Not only does it cost more, but even in the creation process there seems to be so much uncertainty. Jonathan cleared any and all fears that I had about film and yet never made me feel insecure about shooting digital. I have a crazy passion for the look of film and my heart is happy when I shoot it. So getting to de-mystify those fears of shooting and processing film during this workshop was a huge step forward towards the happiness of my heart.

All in all hands down these last three days have been pretty much the most important days of my career. Jonathan is one of the most down to earth, big hearted, talented people you will ever get to meet. I not only got to learn way more than what my mind could handle, I also had the time of my life shooting gorgeous people, running around beautiful San Francisco, and laughing ridiculously from the silliness that ensued from putting 13 rad photographers together with John as our fearless leader... We had an absolute blast. So if you're still not sure if this workshop is going to be worth it for you... The amazing book that Jon put together and GAVE to us is seriously... and I don't lie... worth the $2,000 alone. It's am album, really, bound with gorgeous brocades, beautifully printed and wonderfully laid out with his yummy buttery amazing images on every spread... All that AND detailed instructions of everything that we got to learn... Oh Yeah... AND a DVD with MORE stuff... seriously... and no Jon did not pay me to say this... I am just that excited about it.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Jon for being so dang awesome.

You are the BOMBSAUCE!
Shannon Renee

If you are interested in attending V. 4.0 in Park City, there still are a couple spaces left. Pre-registration ends Aug 5th! Drop me a line at:


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Anonymous said...

I don't know how I happened upon your blog, I am actually having Shannon shoot my wedding this September! You do beautiful work and I love film! Not too many people using it these days!