August 24, 2009

Burger Bar - Roy Utah

My father in law grew up in Roy UT. He now resides in Dallas TX. But anytime he visits, we make the trip up to Roy UT and grab a nostalgic bite to eat at the Burger Bar. Buffalo/Elk burgers, onion rings to die for, and fry sauce out the wazoos. Seriously, the bread they use on their burgers/sandwiches is so good! Oh, and their lime rickeys the size of the Beehive State (read HUGE) ! It is definitely an interesting place, but totally worth the drive up north.

Anyone else eaten there? It makes In-N-Out look like McDonalds. But then again, I never have been a fan of In-N-Out - ducks, and quickly exits the room :).

Go check em out.

And ps, this is totally not a paid advertisement of any form. I just really like their food and the feel of the place. Plus Guy's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives totally went there.

Next place will be Porter's Place. And just wait, that place is OOOZING with character.


Tracee Breeze said...

These are great.

I think I would pass on the burgers , but the onion rings sound tempting!

Adam Ellis said...

I agree with you about In-N-Out. We have one here in St. George, and there is no way that the food is worth waiting in the huge lines that appear around lunch time.

As for the Burger Bar, well, we had one here until recently and I can't say that I liked the burgers. But I LOVED the fries. Possibly my favorite fries.

allison said...

that's funny cause my father in law grew up in Roy too! but I've never tried this place... I'll have to give it a whirl.

cool pics.

Anonymous said...

That is the best place to eat! I grew up there too and I miss it.

I'm Natalie. said...

MMMMMM fry sauce.

and yes, in n out sucks.

♥cheri said...

I lived in Roy up until last week when i moved away for college. But I lived a block away from the Burger Bar...I love the shakes! It was great to see a bit of home today on your page :)

Sam or maybe Derek said...

I worked there. Yummy and disgusting.

Tifferlee83 said...

You just totally made my day with these. Oh FRY SAUCE memories!