July 22, 2009

The workshop website is LIVE!!!

After a ton of work and revamping, I am pleased to announce the Film is Not Dead workshop website is LIVE! I revamped it to reflect the location in Park City where it will be held this Oct 5th-7th.


A HUGE thank you to the uber talented Cole Nielsen who designed it and the genius known as Dane Hansen who programed it. Cole is also responsible for the workbook that all attendees receive.

So, now lets talk about the upcoming workshop...

The workshop will take place in Park City at a private residence this Oct. 5th-7th. Space is limited to 12 attendees. Currently, I am half way full. HOWEVER, there are 22 other invoices currently sent out. What does that mean? Well, 1, the first session will sell out, and will do so VERY soon. It is completely first come first serve so if you are one of the folks who has been sent an invoice to reserve your spot, drop me a line!

Once the first session sells out, registration for a second session will begin. The second session will take place Oct. 12th-14th 2009 at the same place and during the same hours as the first session.

You can read the full 411 about this workshop and how to sign up HERE.

I will be posting a TON of images on the Film is Not Dead blog as I start to get images back from the workshop that wrapped just over a week ago.

If you want to hear what the past attendees of my workshop(s) had to say, go HERE.

If you are interested in signing up for the workshop, drop me a line at:


Hopefully, I'll see a handful of you in Park City in October!

And yes, for those of you that know me, my 34th birthday is Oct. 6th. No better way to celebrate my birthday than to have it spent sharing what I love.

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