July 11, 2009

Film is Not Dead - San Francisco - V. 3.0

I am getting on a plane today with Callie to head out to San Francisco for the workshop I conduct called Film is Not Dead. I'll be back on the 17th after a week of copious amounts of shooting, eating, sharing and learning.

A big thank you to my sponsors FujiFilm for providing the film, FINAO for making the coolest albums EVER, Instaproofs for making online proofing/hosting so easy!

If you missed this one, I am doing V. 4.0 this Oct here in Park City UT. You can read about it HERE or read what past attendees said HERE. The official website should go live next week once I get back from San Fran (get ready, Cole is working his MAGIC!). Spaces are limited and filling up fast so if you are interested, drop me a line!

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Will and Debbie said...

Can't wait for the Park City workshop. Party party party with a bunch of film shooters...