June 6, 2009

Ila Marie Canlas - Fujifilm Instax 200

You can pick up one of these cameras with FREE shipping HERE.


alexismunoadyer said...

so i got one of these cameras for a certain birthday gift for a certain sister-in-law. i love the shots you have been posting.

we went on a vacation to see cousins in Spain last week. while we were sitting on the boardwalk in barcelona a man came up to us and asked if we wanted our picture taken. i waved him off without looking at his camera. then i saw it was a sweet bulky instax and called him back over to us. now we have a sweet funny picture of the two of us eating gofres and a great memory to go with it.
i wish it woulda been you behind the camera! haha

Jasmine said...

Every time I see a pic of Ila, I swear I'm seeing a old pic of myself. They eyes, the hair...just not the smile. :)