May 23, 2009

Twin Falls - Idaho

I shot these during some down time at a wedding up in Twin Falls/Rupert Idaho.

All of the houses you see were on the same street and it spanned 2 blocks.

Are you into these Idaho homes? You can get a print HERE.

And PS, the wedding post will be on the bloggy on Monday...


Bri said...

I love the tractor shot!

Cliff Brunk said...

Dude. The tractor shot rocks the house.

grant olsen said...

"Christmas Twin Falls, Idaho is her oldest memory
She was only two, it was the first time she felt blue
Cafeteria Harrison Elementary
Beneath a parachute I saw her without shoes
7UP I touched her thumb and she knew it was me
Although she couldn't see, unless of course she peeked
My mom's good she got me out of Twin Falls, Idaho
Before I got too old, you know how that goes
That's where she still was the summer she turned 17
In 1983, three weeks after me
Last I heard was she had twins or maybe it was three
Although I've never seen, but that don't bother me."