March 18, 2009

On the road...

It has been non-stop travel for me lately since last Friday. I picked up a last minute job for XanGo out in Hadley MA which I flew out on Friday (unfortunately not on Southwest), shot Saturday and came home that night. Monday, I got on another plane (thankfully Southwest), for San Fran for a bridal shoot and the ever so gut busting funny movie White on Rice premier at the Kabuki Theater in Japantown. And tomorrow I get on another plane (thankfully Southwest).

Traveling, especially really early in the morning, kind of feels like the song/video above.

More posts coming soon from a wedding in American Fork UT, Laguna Beach CA and a ton of personal work from Seattle. Stay tuned.

Oh, I am headed to Singapore in April (5-11). If anyone has any suggestions of places to go/eat/shoot, comment away!


C. said...

You must go eat pepper crab on the east coast! It's delish. Also, if you go shopping in Chinatown or Little India, offer them half of their price and bargain until you get it (or at least close).

Veeda said...

go to the!

Anonymous said...

Jonathan welcome to singapore man.
Lets see, for camera stuff, head over to peninsula plaza, Cathay photo at cityhall, Techtoys and gadgets at Funan, also at cityhall.

Walk around Orchard road if you wanna shop, visit Sentosa, Chinatown if you'd like to sightsee.

Nice times for shooting would probably be 7-10 in the morning and 530 - 7pm onwards. We kinda have very flat light here.

dazza said...

Hi Jonathan,
I'm Darryl a local here in Singapore, been following your blog but I can't believe I missed out your post about dropping by Singapore.

It depends on what you'd like to eat. Chilli/Pepper at East Coast Park is not a bad suggestion, a bit pricey, somewhat a tourist trap too but many of us locals head there too.

Chinatown is a wee bit too commercialized now, but Little India is still quite nice and rustic.
You could do the South Ridge Walk if you want to 'soak' in our weather (

If you'd like drop me an email or give me a buzz when you're in town [ }

dazza said...

PS: Love the Album Leaf too. They did a concert here in '07 at The Esplanade (

Jonathan Canlas said...

hey guys! email me, lets totally meet up and get some killer chicken and rice at a hawkers center...