March 12, 2009

Kristina & Bill - 1.10.2009 - San Francisco

First wedding of the year and it starts off with a bang! Great, great couple, great, great venue. Thanks so much for having me out guys!

You can view the whole event and order prints HERE.


Gabrielle said...

I have a wonderful idea! Come live in Australia and you can take photos of my wedding!...i wish!

It has proven extremely difficult to find a photographer here in OZ that does work on the same level as yours.

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Jonathan Canlas said...

try my good friend Dan Cripps...he's out of Tazmania. Might a bit out of the way, but I am positive it is closer than UT :)

random me said...

I always follow your blog. Love your work!!! However tonight I just spent all to much time photo stalking your site. My friend was at this wedding. She was the gorgeous preggo one. Her adorable daughter Jenna was a flowergirl. Its a small world Jonathan! Oh it was her brothers wedding so I guess its appropriate that she was there. Great work as usual!

Anna said...

After 5+ years of following your work - you still get better and better. I pulled out my wedding pictures the other day and had a great time looking at them. Sometimes I want to have a wedding again just so you can take the pictures. Thanks for always inspiring. Film rules.

Annie @ MarryYouMe said...

Where was the ceremony location? I love that they had the reception @ town hall - it's a fave SF place on mine.

Jonathan Canlas said...

Annie the wedding took place here:

Hope that helps!