February 28, 2009

WPPI Recap = 2009 is actually kicking 2008's butt.

So, if any of you read the blog, you might remember the life-changing trip I took last year on a complete whim to go to WPPI. Well, this year was no different. Here is a recap of the top 10 events of the insanity known as WPPI.

1. Randomly ran into Rebecca Crumley from The Knot and got to hang out a ton!
2. Met Mel Barlow the BOY NAPPER!
3. Finally met the folks from Richards Photo Lab. I will see you guys in March!
4. Met Leah McCormick and we are now BFF (seriously). Her work is seriously out of this world.
5. When we are hanging out with Rebecca Crumley, she in passing said, hey, do you know my friend Jesse Leake. I about passed out as I have been in LOVE with his work since I started back in like 2000. His image in PDN of the bride on a bike is SEARED in my brain. I was falling all over myself when I gave him my card...embarrassing, but so awesome!!!
6. Met the ever so talented Elizabeth Messina and actually got real seats to her presentation. That place was PACKED!
7. Met Tanja Lippert and her cohort Tia, who are now our BFF's (for real). Someday there will be a time where I can wear a chicken suit while we hang out.
8. Picking up a Fuji Instax camera to document the insanity and post it to facebook (see photo below and way more on facebook!).
9. My Fuji rep Kayce said she would talk to the powers that be so I would be a platform speaker next year. What is the difference you ask? I spoke at the FujiFilm booth this year 2 times for a half hour each to a crowd up to 50 people. Next time it would be 2 hours and could facilitate a lot more than just 50 people.
10. Kayce also said that she'd look into talking to the powers that be to possibly use my images in upcoming FujiFilm ads!

And then when I got home, I got an email from PDN saying they needed the winning image they chose larger as they were putting it on the inside cover of their April wedding issue.

2009, I did not think you could do it, but you are kicking 2008's butt.

A big thank you to Kayce over at FujiFilm for even making this possible. A big thanks also to everyone that came by the FujiFilm booth on Monday and Wednesday when I presented. And a big thank you to everyone that I met and did not mention.

Hopefully, I'll see some of you again next year at WPPI!

Again, a sample of the madness known as WPPI.


Camille said...

Way to go dude.

Mel said...

oh my goodnesssss....you are hilarous!!!!

Brion Hopkins said...

#11. Got to share a hot tub with Leo + Brion. GREAT time man! Thanks!!! Good to see you the fam this weekend and see you in Dad mode!