December 31, 2008

THANK YOU 2008!!!

I can't believe it is over! 2008 came and went so fast. And with it it brought so many amazing things, people, places and events. And none of it would have been possible without my ever-so-amazing clients, fellow photographers, sponsors, and you the reader.

I want to thank everyone who had me be a part of their event, hired me for a photoshoot, who read this blog, who emailed me about my work, who put a link to my blog on their blog, who talked to someone about my work. Thank you for getting behind what I put so much effort into.

Thank you to the many photographers who changed my business and my life this last year; Brion Hopkins, Paul Gero, Ed Pingol, Heather Waraksa, Michael & Anna Costa, and Natalie Norton.

Thank you Argentina and Uruguay for the much needed break and the insane amount of inspiration. Jan 2010 seriously can't come fast enough :).

Thank you to FujiFilm for getting behind the Film is Not Dead Workshop and myself as a 100% film photographer. Thank you to Instaproofs, LensRentals and Finao for sponsoring the workshop as well. And a BIG thank you to the attendees who came in March and November making the workshop what it is.

Thank you Southwest for getting me everywhere I needed to be this year on time, never loosing my luggage, and ensuring I arrived in one piece.

Thank you to Google Reader for HUNDREDS of blogs you recommend I subscribe to. You have shown me more inspiration in my office than I could have ever found on my own.

Thank you to Cole Nielsen for being the most amazing designer I know. Thank you Dane Hansen for all the coding. Thank you Sienna Ditmer for helping Cole with the design and copy of the Film is Not Dead workbook. Thank you to Micah for documenting the fist session of the workshop on Super 8 and with great music. And "the Dave" Cardon who all helped with the coding of the Film is Not Dead website.

Thank you Helio Sequence, Loney Dear, Girl Talk, Damien Jurado, The National, Cut Copy, Bon Iver, The Geto Boys, Grand Master Flash, 2Pac (no link for that one as well, its not for the kids - ChinoXL) and countless other bands that provided insane amounts of inspiration and for being the constant soundtrack while being on the road.

Thank you to all the amazing families who participated in the Nie Nie Benefit. Thank you for rallying together for such a great cause. And thank you to Stephanie & Christian who inspired so much good from a hospital bed.

Most importantly, thank you to my amazing wife Callie. She does not make it on this blog much as she does not like having the camera pointed at her but I publicly want to thank her for her undying love and support and believing in me and my vision. Thank you for allowing me to do the Nie Nie Benefit. It really is because of her I see what I see and I am who I am. She is responsible for everything running so smoothly. She is nothing less than super woman.

Thank you 2008 for honestly being the best year of my life.

Ps, the reason for the image posted here is because of Callie. We met while living in an apartment complex in Provo called the Colony. Though, this shot was taken in NYC circa 2005.


Collette said...

I met my husband at the Colony!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the lovely images and Have a Happy New Year!

JW said...

Thanks for the heads up on Loney, Dear! I just finished listening to Loney, Noir for the first time and it blew me away. I don't know how this band managed to sneak past me for this long. I have tickets to see Andrew Bird in Boston in a few weeks and Loney is opening... BONUS!!! Happy New Year

Adhis said...

You're welcome.

ed pingol said...

we thank YOU for helping us in our business. you have definitely impacted our lives in the most positive way. thanks, jonathan!!! can't wait to see you when you're in cali again! happy, happy new year!!!

//ed & monica

I'm Natalie. said...


Love you brother!


Lopa said...

I am sad that I did not see my name on there.

Paul Gero said...

Jonathan...the pleasure is all mine!

have a great 2009!!!

Best to you and the family...

Paul, Nicki and Kate