December 20, 2008

New travel gallery added

I just added a new gallery on the website under "travel" for Chicago. CHECK IT OUT.


Helen said...

Just so you know, I love your photography. Normally I'm a lurker, not a commenter. But this morning I just wanted you to know that I find your work interesting and inspirational. Merry Christmas.

Danielle said...

The picture of the preacher man in front of Old Navy is priceless. My husband and I live in Chicago and we see him all the time. In fact, my husband thinks he saw him there for the first time 9 years ago when he came here for a high school trip. We get sad when the preacher man is not there in front of Old Navy, although that is pretty rare. That man is dedicated.

Jenny said...

Unbelievable....I can always count on your posts for amazing inspiration. Every image is so full of life and just beautiful. Just when I think I am content to go with digital. I see your stuff and here I go back to my is so wonderful! Thanks for your enthusiasm and great, great work.