December 11, 2008

Fries at the bottom of the bag...

{image by Ross Taylor}

I love google reader. If you don't use google reader yet, go try it out. Once you have set up your account and start subscribing to read other people's blogs, it starts to suggest certain blogs for you to check out. To do this, on the left hand side, click "browse". There will be a list of blog they suggest you to read. 90% of the time, they totally make my day. And thanks to google reader, we have this post.

The title of this post is the perfect way to describe this guys work. Go check out Ross Taylor's work HERE. I am not much a fan of his photoshop composite stuff (dig deep, you'll find it) but his journalism images are so moving it is not even funny. You can check his website HERE as well.

There is a FANTASTIC series of photos on his site under photo stories called "growing up in gary", which I can only assume is Gary Indiana.

Excuse me while I go dive deeper in this body of work...enjoy!


allison said...

thanks for posting this... he is inspirational. I love that set you mentioned of 'growing up in gary'.. reminds me a little of sally mann who is my all time favorite photographer.

Crystal Chick said...

Another Google Reader fan here. It makes my life so much easier, and I can follow a lot photographer's sites for inspiration. Like the gem you just shared with us.

julia vandenoever said...

small world. ross is an old photo buddy from north carolina. he is one of my favorite people.