December 4, 2008

Cobia Family

Derin and I were roommates in college freshman year, way back when he used to ball room dance and I dressed like this Carlton, not this Carlton. Fun, fun times.

You can view the whole event HERE.


Anna said...

Did you write dress like or dance like? Because, please oh, please tell me that you danced like Carlton. I would think you are even more genius and cool than I already do.

Adhis said...

Oh, glee! I loved watching Fresh Prince; it was always a special treat to get an episode with Carlton dancing. He had such joy! We should all live our lives like that.

As for Alfonso's pimpmercial:
Yeah- that's all I needed to be able to breakdance. A book.

random me said...

Did you dance like Carlton #1 also? That would make you even cooler!!! I'm a huge fan or your work and blog. The other day I showed my hubby your stuff and pointed out the "100% film shooter"...he officially called you a photographic genius. I agree!

emlizalmo said...

Great pictures! I have to say that the dancing Carlton completely made my day. Man, if you dressed like HIM...seriously snazzy!

Joycelyn said...

As his sister...yeah, I can totally remember my brother dressing AND dancing like him back in college. Always dressing preppy in the winter and alternative grunge in the summer.