December 27, 2008

BIG FAT GIVEAWAY WINNER #2...still a ton more to go!!!

Congrats to Mandie Disbrow for being the 25th person to email me through my contact page on my website. She chose an 8x10 of the image above.

The BIG FAT GIVEAWAY is still way in effect. You can read about how you can quite possibly get a free print HERE.


Corey Nickols said...

Dude...thats cool! Your giving away fun! I would do it but I think my number for email would have to be like 3....cause im pretty sure thats how many people see my site. hahahaha. Killer pic though. I always love seeing your work. So beautiful! Cheers buddy!


Mandie said...

I got my pic last week and love it. Thanks a ton! You rock!!!