November 8, 2008

Touching Strangers...

{photo by Richard Renaldi}

I just came across this series of photographs by Richard Renaldi called Touching Strangers. What is it you ask? Go have a gander HERE. But basically, it is what it says, he took a handful of COMPLETE strangers, in NYC no less, made portraits of them but here is the catch; they all had to be touching. AMAZING. Absolutely, amazing.

In Richard's own words:

"I decided I wanted the images to explore how notions of trust, love, social conventions, and taboos are expressed through body language."

Found on a blog I subscribe to called Conscientious by Jörg Colberg.
Happy Saturday everyone...


Ryan said...

I absolutely love this concept especially when you can tell that the two strangers are from totally different demographics.

I also love the project that Thomas Hawk does with paying homeless people $2 to take a photograph of them and conduct a short interview.

Now if I only had the guts to do either. :)

Kim said...

Oh my gosh it is SO cool. I love them...I think it is so interesting how comfortable some of the people are doing it...and you can just tell others are like, What the?!

Very cool.

duston todd said...

how very cool is that.
what a great idea and an equally great outcome.
love it.

Adhis said...

I wish I could have heard the conversation between photographer and subjects when the topic was broached.