November 26, 2008


To all the families that participated in the Nie Nie Benefit back in Sept, we are REALLY, REALLY, REALLY close to reaching the 10k goal. And once the goal is reached, everyone who participated will receive a disc from your family session. Again as a reminder, all print orders from the Nie Nie benefit shoot will go to the Nie Recovery Fund.

Again, I am having a 35% off store wide print sale until Monday, Dec 1st (11:59PM MST). You can find your event HERE.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone...

And in case you missed it, my new website went LIVE.


Adhis said...

My eyes! There's something moist in them. Agh!

amorology said...

What a reminder of how much we have to be thankful for! :) Jon congratulations too on your new site. It's absolutely great in every way.

alexismunoa said...

ditto. What you did was incredible.

I'm Natalie. said...


Angels have recorded what you've done for that family. You are a good good man with a good good wife.

We are SO THANKFUL to have you as friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!


N and R

Molly W. said...

Ah, so so great to see Christian doing so well. Thanks for posting this Jonathan, will continue to pray!!

emlizalmo said...

If he could...I know he would hug you. You are a kind, kind person.