November 9, 2008

Southern Weddings - The it list!

I was just informed that I made it onto Southern Weddings "it list" of photographers. What is this "it list"? Check it out HERE. There are so many other uber talented photographers I look up to in the wedding field on this list as well such as FRED EGAN, AMELIA LYON, & ANGELICA GLASS just to name a few. A big thank you to Southern Weddings for considering my work!

Angie & Dave's wedding featured on Southern Weddings.


Ryan said...

Wow! Congrats! I've been following Amelia's work for awhile and love her stuff...not as much as yours though, of course. ;)

I was also happy to see the Boutwell Studios made it.

Great work, my friend. You deserve it!

(Wait, did I just pull a McCain, my friend? :)

sharibug said...

Way to go Jon. You have always been it. Congrats to you son. Love,

emlizalmo said...


Michelle said...

You deserve this. I love how you are always flattered and surprised by your honors. It makes you so darn likable!