November 6, 2008

Coleman Family

You can view the whole event and order prints HERE.

And if you are thinking about having a family portrait done, you can check the 411 on my sittings HERE.


JaNae said...

pictures are lovely as always- the way you capture people is just amazing to me. need an assistant?
so I'm guessing you are an Obama supporter- congrats on your candidates win. I do think he's a great speaker and a change from what's been going on will be nice but I just can't support someone who is okay with leaving babies to die and wants to turn this great country into france part deux. Plus who he hangs out with- guilt by association. okay I'll stop now.(I love a good debate)
How's Hawaii- wish I were there say hi to Callie for me.

Karen said...

Wonderful photos! Love the orange and turquoise!

sharibug said...

what a terrific looking family. I love that little boys face with the ear to ear smile. So very dear.

Dann said...

Elder Coleman! Fancy seeing you here. Nice lookin' family, mate.