October 29, 2008

Some love for Nie...

So, surfing around on the internets I found something. Not just something, something totally freaking AMAZING. My good friend Ryan Tanner (pictured on the left with Scott Wiley of June Audio, and of 4th Day Design and more importantly, the band Atherton) pulled some serious strings and got a signed 1950's Silvertone aucoustic guitar which he is auctioning off for the Nielsens.

Who is it signed by you ask? WILCO. Yeah, apparently, they heard about the Nielsen's and like everyone one else who hears about it, wanted to do something to help.

So, you can get your own Wilco signed Silvertone guitar from the 50's HERE.

And all proceeds go to the Nie Recovery Fund. How awesome is that?

***And as an update for all the families that participated in the Nie Nie Benefit I did in Sept, there will be an event wide print sale for 25% off this weekend. As of today, we are a little over $7200 raised in sitting fees and reprint orders. Again, as a reminder, everyone who participated in the benefit will receive a disc with all the images printable up to 5x7 ($900 value) if we break the $10,000 mark. We are close, really, really close.

The sale starts tomorrow and goes until midnight on Monday (10.30 12:01AM MST - 11.3.2008 11:59PM MST). You will also receive an email with the detials.

You can find your event HERE.***

And there are some seriously great updates about Stephanie & Christian HERE and HERE. It still amazes me what an effect 2 people, who most of us never met, can have from a hospital bed.


jomama said...

oh my WORD. WILCO? that is something amazing. whoever wins that guitar is freakin' LUCKY!

JW said...

I want that! Ironically enough I was listening to Wilco as I read that post.