October 1, 2008

19 families in 19 days in 3 states...

Sept has come to an end and last night I shot my 19th and final family for the Nie Nie Benefit for Sept.

In the last 19 days, I've shot 19 families in Provo/Salt Lake City UT, Fort Collins CO, and San Francisco CA. Don't ask how much film it was, lets just say it was a lot :).

I want to thank each and every family that participated in this event. It was great meeting you all, getting to know you and your cute, cute kids, playing with your kids, and seeing everyone come together for such a great cause. Your participation and contribution will go farther than any of us may ever comprehend.

Finally, I want to thank my dear, dear wife Callie. I would not have been able to do this without her. Her undying support is what got me through this and enabled me to serve in a way I never knew I could. Thank you for letting me do this. I hope the author of this does not mind me sharing, but this is a card I received from the first family that participated in the benefit. The card was not addressed to me, but for Callie:

Jonathan is going to get a lot of thanks this month (rightfully so) for his generosity with the Nielson family, but I'm guessing that few men can give up an entire month's income and so much time without his wife buying into the idea. So, thank you for YOUR generosity this month. I don't know the Nielson family or your family, but I am overwhelmed by their story and your family's incredible willingness to reach out to them. Thank you. - Debbie Peck

With the help of these 19 families, we have raised $4750 in sitting fees for Stephaine & Christian. The orders have yet to show up as well, most of the images are not online yet from all these family sittings (thank you for your patience!!!).

Again, as a reminder, every family will receive a disc (all images printable up to 5x7) if we reach the goal of $10000. What does that translate to? If each family orders $276.32 worth of prints, our goal will be reached (not so daunting anymore is it?).

And to Stephanie & Christian, I've never met you and probably never will meet you but, here's to you. Thank you for inspiring so many people to do so much good. Thank you for reminding us how important FAMILY truly is. It is amazing what 2 people can accomplish from a hospital bed.

If you were not able to participate in the benefit this month and still want to help out with this cause, you can donate directly to the Nie Nie Recovery Fund HERE.


Lucky Red Hen said...

U make me cry :) Thank you for being you.

emlizalmo said...

Whew...ok...you guys are great. Seriously. It was so great meeting you and watching you work...after slightly stalking you for some 5 odd years. I found an old business card of yours the other day....the one made out of vellum. :) I've thought quite often of your sweet family too. I can only imagine how busy you have been this month. You are all just so, so cool. Thanks!

emlizalmo said...

You know, I'm thinking Leo must be pretty cool too. Thanks for helping with this amazing cause.

Jonathan Canlas said...

yes, leo is way cool.

oh the days of the vellum business card...embarrassing :)

Holly-girl said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Debbie ... your family deserves a HUGE thank-you as well! Leo, your support was invaluable, too. It is so life-affirming to see people put so much love and goodness back into the world ... thanks for reminding us all to do the same in our own way. :-)

jordan said...

Amazing!! Hooray for Jonathan and Callie!

(Also hooray for Leo.)

Veeda said...

19 families in one month is AMAZING. Also, Callie is awesome.

aimee heff said...

Jonathan, you are freaking awesome. This was amazing what you did and I get all misty just reading your blogs about it.

True discipleship.

Rock on, Callie and Leo too.

tara said...

incredible!!! really and truly amazing. you, your family and leo deserved to be showered with hugs.

Adhis said...

I find it inspiring that Debbie Peck thought about Callie. So often, I forget that the busy, good people of the world can do what they do because of the busy, good people at home.

It takes a special person to remember and recognize the wind beneath others' wings.

(cue Bette Midler song)