September 9, 2008

Nie Nie San Fran UPDATE!!!

I just posted this in the comments of the previous post:

ok here is the schedule...

10:30am exteena
12:00pm the ferneys
1:30pm erin???
3:00pm OPEN
4:30 tara

NOW, we have 4 families with 1 spot left, so, please EXTEENA, FERNEYS, ERIN & TARA, we need to decide on a location that will work for everyone.

The Ferneys have suggested the following places:

Crissy Field, Palace of Fine Arts, Marina, Golden Gate Park, or the De Young Museum.

Where ever we decide to do it, it HAS to be the same place as there is NO WAY I can shoot everyone and travel from place to place and make it all work.

Please email me at


and we can solidify times and places.

Also, the travel fee of $695 would be split up over the 4 families and possibly 5 if we can fill the 3pm slot. So, the sitting fee for each family will be at least $423.75 or if another family signs up for the 3pm slot the sitting fee would be $389 per family. The total amount of the sitting fee is due at the time of the sitting.

Again, please, if you have put your name on this list, contact me ASAP so we can get this booked!


Scooter Couple said...

Hi Jonathan,

I emailed you this morning about taking the 3p spot. Let me know if it'll be okay.



tara said...

fabulous!! sounds like we may have 5 families.

we love all of the location suggestions made by the Ferney family and would be completely happy with any of them. if we needed to pick favorites they would be:
1.the deyoung
2.crissy field
3.the marina green

anybody else have any strong preferences?

Scooter Couple said...

We also like any of the suggested locations, but our preferences would be:

1. Palace
2. De Young
3. Crissy Field

Exteena said...

As of last night my family will no longer be able to do the 10:30 am session so if anyone else is open for that time that would be awesome! I'm going to have to see if there is any openings in Utah left for the end of the month I guess! So sorry Jon!

Courtney Jo said...

Hi Jon,

Quick intro: I lived with Karen sophomore year at the Y...right before she and Jason got married. Ya probably don't remember me, but I'm in the Bay Area and would jump, jump, jump at the chance to take that newly empty spot! If it's available, please email me: courtini at hotmail dot com.



erin said...

I emailed you yesterday, but wanted to let others know that I will not be able to take the 1:30 spot anymore! So sorry!

1:30 spot open in SF-- someone move on in! =)