September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike

My mom is in Houston with my brother's family in a town called Kingwood TX. She is supposed to fly back to SLC tomorrow. No dice.

There are no flights operating out of Houston so she's headed up to Austin to catch a flight out. Luckily, she booked with a Rapid Rewards ticket from Southwest. Otherwise the ticket would be around $800. Convenient.

Apparently, there is no electricity in Houston and according to reports told to my brother they won't have it back on for 2-3 WEEKS. And, to boot there is sewage in the streets due to fact that man holes are gushing with water.

I hope anyone else effected by this hurricane is ok.

Crazy. If you have stories, post them in the comments below!


Rebeka said...

My family is in houston, too. I grew up there so there's a lot of roots for me there. Luckily, only their fence got damaged. However, they're staying with some friends now b/c of the power. We (My family and I) were supposed to drive down there on Wednesday to leave the kids with my parents so hubby and i could go to NYC alone for a week! We don't know what's going to happen now, but I'm just grateful everybody is ok and there wasn't too much damage. I'm glad your family is ok, too!

The Tolmans said...

We have family in Houston as well, thank goodness for the direction of LDS leaders who have warned us over and over again to have food storage. Our family is doing well a lot of damage to homes but they are fine.

Please pray for anyone who has been affected by IKE.

trk said...

I live in Houston, south of downtown in Clear Lake. We are one of the few neighborhoods to have power, but others are slowly getting their lights turned on. Drinking water was declared to be uncontaminated today which is good. We had lots and lots of downed trees. Started clean up today. Rode out the storm nearby. What a horrific night listening to the 100+ mph winds.

Houstonians are suffering but Galveston, Crystal Beach and several other areas on the westend of Galveston were hit the hardest. They are all basically uninhabitable. Some places look more like lumber yards than neighborhoods. Keep these people in your thoughts. It will be a long road to recovery for many people.

Ja said...

As of this morning, ABC13 is staying on TV and their website that the boiling order is STILL in effect due to the one contaminated finding in the lab tests found yesterday. Power is expected to be out 2-4 weeks for Entergy (my engergy co.). Drove to Austin yesterday to drop mom off. Picked up 200 botles of water and charcoal for cooking. Bought some hot doggs for last night's dinner. We'll see about the barby tonight. Perhaps cake/smores for dessert.

Kevin and Amanda said...

My in-laws live in the Kingwood area as well! Their fence got blown over, one of their trees fell on their neighbors house and another tree is close to falling on their house as well. They are trying to get some tree people to come cut it down before it falls, but their is a HUGE waiting list.

Same story, without power for 2-3 weeks and such. But they are safe and sound. My dad-in-law is going every day to 'work parties' to help fellow members and MANY neighbors along the way. We are praying for everyone involved.

Sidenote: They were supposed to be moving up to Utah in 2 weeks, but that has been set back now.

I'm Natalie. said...

Did Mom make it back ok??

Joycelyn said...

Yes, Mom made it back just fine. I talked to her online earlier today.

My stake is rallying priesthood holders and their saws, elbow grease and time for the entire weekend down in Baton Rouge. They're being asked to supply most of their own food and bring a tent as most churches/buildings are housed with evacuees or are damaged...but this is still for the havoc that came from Hurricane Gustav the week before. We'll be having these weekend excursions happening often to help clean up the mess.

Total deja vu of Katrina/Rita 3 years ago!

Kim said...

I have a friend who just placed a baby for adoption living in Houston...she luckily was able to drive a few hours to go stay with her Gamma in Mexico...rough times. They told them their power would be off for AT LEAST a week. Sucky times.

Jonathan Canlas said...

My son was prepared with plenty of food, water, flashlights, wind up radio and candles. We were not in an evacuation zone and so we did what the authorities told us to do, which was to "Hunker" down and be prpared to leave if necessary. I felt very at peace with the obediance to be prepared. The sound of the storm was deafening and for a short while I thought the wall of my bedroom might be torn off. No harm done to my son's home or yard. We were very blessed. I will add that everyone was very helpful. We checked up on people and others checked up on us and so it went all over the neighborhood. People helping people. since the electricity went off at 1:15 in the morning, saturday I struggled with sleeping. I use a C-Pap and hense why I went home on Monday. I thank my son and daughter-in-law for taking good care of me, and for Jon helping me to get home. Love to all of you.

Le said...

Houston's coming back pretty fast. We got power back about 36 hours after it went out. We 'rode out' the storm in New Braunfels, floated the river, went to the famous Gruene Hall for boot scooting, ate a lot of BBQ, the usual. Our little corner of Houston is coming back fast - the big must-haves powered up and fully functional: Walmart, McDonald's and gas stations. We got milk on Tuesday, eggs on Wednesday and Bluebell today - what more could we ask for? There are still pockets of no electric. We've been amazingly blessed with temperate weather since the hurricane - unbelievable. It's been beautiful mild days, cool nights. We have about 120 Spanish members living up in a central Texas stake center. Everyone's working to try and get them into housing quickly, but they may just move back to our local stake center. Only Sacrament Mtg. tomorrow - the work crews go on, busting out those chain saws and knocking it out. Our house needs a roof, a new fence, a new mailbox, some new tress, but could be so much worse. Galveston and Crystal Beach, Bolivar - those are the spots that are really suffering and will take years, if ever, to rebuild.

Also, can't wait to see some Jenn and Dann pics on your site.

A Houston Fan