August 21, 2008

What are you doing this Thursday night?

I'll be up in SLC seeing THESE GUYS up the Twilight Concert Series and hoping, hoping, oh so hoping they play this song. And if they don't they better play this one.

Oh! And this one too...yeah, pretty much play the whole album and I'll be happy as a clam.

If you are going to this show, leave a comment. I'll be the middle aged Filipino guy (I'm almost 33!) with a Holga taking picts.


If you come and find me, I'll not only take your photo with the Holga but I'll send you a print of the image.

Now, you gotta find me.


Jane said...

I'm looking forward to this show as well. I love Broken Social's "Hotel"

You have excellent music taste, equally as excellent as your photography.

Jonathan Canlas said...

this will definitely make up for missing de la soul :).

and yes, jane, i will concur, i do have excellent music taste :). i think everyone thinks the music they listen to is the best.

due to the loss of 08 (complete deletion of my websites LAST NIGHT!) the music on my website is el gone-o. but don't fret reader, more music to come.

and jane, maybe we'll run into each other and a holga will be taken...

Paul Gero said...

middle aged, my a**!!!

you're a youngster in my book ;-)

have a great time at the concert!! they gonna let you in with that camera??


Lucky Red Hen said...

Dangit, I wish I were there so you'd take my Holga ;) I missed the Seattle one (OOT with family) so I look forward to your review!

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. NYC why have you stolen my soul and taken me from the happiest place on earth??

Jonathan Canlas said...

ok flat out, i love broken social scene. was the show good? yes and mostly no. why you ask? well one, it was a free show so, that broadens the audience. two, i would say half of the crowd up front thought it was still ok to mosh and crowd surf. they even said wow, we have not had crowd surfers since 2006 in florida! yeah, LAME. and as much as the old dude playing with the broken social scene was great eye candy, his songs and voice, were, well not really what i was looking for. on a high note, they did play all the songs i wanted. would i see broken social scene again? in a minute. would i go to the twilight series again? no way.

Julieshoe said...

ack! I admit, I love looking at your blog to the point that I did in fact recognize you last night at the show, but I failed to read the last part of your entry where you offer the free holga pic! boo. Nevertheless the show was great, and the therapy screaming at the end was just what I needed. You rock my socks BSS.

Michelle said...

Dang it! It is Brent's job to remind me of concerts, and he failed to know about it...LAME. However, I guess it kind of sucks that you have to deal with people who like free shows. Remember how it was at Elliott Smith's last show? I was so annoyed the whole time because people were talking all around me. However, it was cool to be there since I love him, and he played most of my favorites. (Also that is when I decided to hire you as my wedding photographer...when I saw your pics of that show on your special!)

Adhis said...

Wo. 33 is middle-aged??? Poo.

And, you are way too cool. I can't believe you let me live in your neighborhood. I'm still stuck in the metal hair bands era.