August 23, 2008

French Cars

It was so refreshing to not see HUGE SUV's or Hummers anywhere. This was the selection of rental cars for normal folks. I say normal because there was also a fleet of Jaguars, Mercedes and Audi's which were astronomically EXPENSIVE. Something like 175 Euro a day though they were fully equipped with GPS etc. I believe the car we got was a Fiat and took diesel. We could of had a smart car but there is no way we would have fit in it. I take that back, there is no way I would have fit in it.


I'm Natalie. said...

Are you sure by "smart car" you don't mean "micro-machine"? What the holy heck bucket. NO HUMAN OVER THE AGE OF DIAPERS WOULD FIT IN THAT THING!

nell :: said...

you figured out the favicon on your own...
sorry I failed you.
glad you did it because it looks great!