August 29, 2008

"Ai emu naught eh Munkyee!"

Ok, so let me explain this photo and the hand in it on the left. As I said in a previous post, it was POURING rain. No one was in the streets as they were all huddled under cafe's or standing on the side of the road under their umbrellas. Who was in the street you ask? POLICE. Again, EVERYWHERE. They were just standing there getting dumped on. I saw them and I told my brother to ride over to them. Again, everyone is looking at us like we are crazy, or well, American, for riding bikes in the rain in Paris. We come up on the police just standing there and I bust out my Yashica to take a couple shots. We are on the sidewalk. And the biggest of the police comes running up to me screaming in French. And then switches to English screaming:

"I am not a monkey!"

I responded back in slang saying words I won't repeat here. Needless to say, he did not understand me.

And to be completely clear, there is nothing illegal about photographing ANYONE who is out in public if you are on a sidewalk.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't that depend on whose world you're living in?
Well, anyway, good for you ;)

Brion Hopkins said...

SWEATY B..........!!!!!!!! You thought I was going to do it. Sweet shot man! FREEDOM FRIES!

Adhis said...

I can only guess by the expression on the fellow carrying the umbrella that he knew the police were just having a bit of fun harassing you.

Upon such a confrontation, I think I might have jumped into my chimp impression. Perhaps, that is why I have been banned from Europe.

amanda said...

you should have said:

fermez la bouche! je t'aime! je t'aime. un photo est pour la petit chien.

this would have been very confusing to him, and he would have left you alone. or...put you in the slammer for being a total nut job.

Jenna said...

This photo, and the story, and the comments resulting from it, have me laughing so hard. I'm sad I don't have anything witty so say as well.