July 30, 2008

A post everyday for 90 days - FILM IS NOT DEAD BLOG

-Holga 120S, Kodak E100VS, shot on "sunny" setting, crossed processed

So, I got back on Monday from being in Laie for a last minute shoot this past weekend. I was there less than 4 days and I shot 25+ rolls of 35mm, 4 rolls or 220, 3 rolls of 120, and 11 rolls of Holga (120). Giberish to you right? Basically, I shot a TON. I developed it all on Tuesday after the twins 3rd birthday got it all scanned today.

So, starting today, and for the next 90 days (every day except Sunday until Nov 3rd) I will be doing a post a day over on the Film is Not Dead Blog. The posts will consist of personal work, geeky tech stuff, shoots related to attendees of the current and past workshop (upcoming wedding in France on Aug 9th), any info concerning the workshop, along with all of the background info on how I shot each image. Curious and want to get geeky or looking for some images of a white sandy beach in Hawaii? Then definitely stay tuned.

If you have not subscribed to the Film is Not Dead blog or wish to, you can HERE.

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Jonathan Canlas said...


wondering where the curacao wedding I posted yesterday went? me too. apparently, Google has marked my blog as spam and no, we are not talking about the delicacy meat in a can (YUM!).

anyway, what does that mean? I am blocked from posting new posts or editing any past post. that is what I attempted to do with the Curacao post to add a link to the proofing site. once I edited it, the post immediately went into draft form and will be re-posted once the "spam ban" is lifted.

how long will that take? I have no idea. they said 2 business days but we'll see how close they stick to that time line.

so for now, if you are insanely addicted to the blog and wondering where the posts are, just wait, once they figure this all out, there will be copious amounts of posts for your reading pleasure.

thanks for reading.