July 1, 2008

The Gatsby's

I had the pleasure to work with these guys on my May 31st wedding up in Park City (post coming soon). If you have not heard the Gastby's music before, why not try say,


Move over cheezy wedding band, hello hip wedding band for the masses (even the parents/grandparents love it!).

Looking for some great lively music for your wedding? Check out the Gatsby's.

Did I mention they always come wearing the best polyester ties found in the Beehive State?


Adhis said...

HEY! I know these guys!
Or, well, at least two of them used to be my guitar instructors before I got knocked up. ;)

Adhis said...

Wait-- maybe. At least they look like them. Are any of these guys Grant Olsen and Micah Dahl?

If not, color me sheepish.

Jonathan Canlas said...


yes, that is micah dahl and grant olsen.

small, small world.

Cedric Anderson said...

Thanks for making us look good, Jon.