June 22, 2008

11910 Sackston Ridge Dr

How did I spend my summers growing up? Actually, it is how I spent almost all my time after school. I planted every tree you see on this property with my brother and dad. Oddly enough, I've lost all my green thumbs. Somebody want to buy the home I grew up in? Apparently, you can get it HERE. Though I have to admit, when we lived there, it looked way cooler than the picts online. My room was image 23. I think my dad would be rolling in his grave if he saw what they did to the inside of that house. The basement is still the same. Though it does not look like there are kids with pegged acid wash jeans roller-blading to the B-52's Love Shack down there. Either way, this home he built was definitely a big change from where my dad grew up.


Camille said...

Crazy! That house is amazing. I wish I could figure out how to move it for you and your family now. And the yard too. Those trees look great.

Brienne said...

Dude, we had a basement like that and we spend many a hot summer day down there rollerskating to the Footloose soundtrack. :)