May 21, 2008

Film is Not Dead on Film!

Micah then wrote a song specifically for it and edited the footage. You might remember Micah and his wife Camille from Day 3 of the workshop or from the other music he did for this other video.

So if any of you are wondering what it was like to attend the workshop back in March for version 1.0, I think Micah summed up the whole feel of Hawaii and the Film is Not Dead Workshop (lots of sun, geeky photo stuff, laughing, and miles of endless beaches) pretty nicely in this little film. And if the film does not do it for you, then check the images from either day 1, day 2, or day 3.

There are still a couple spots (LITERALLY) left for the workshop this Nov (3rd-6th). If anyone is interested in attending, send me an email (jonathan[at]jonathancanlasphotography[dot]com). But don't fret, once the 12 spots fill up for the first session, the registration begins for the second session which will be Nov 10th-13th. If you are looking for the 411 about the workshop, click HERE. Hopefully, we'll see some of you out in Hawaii in Nov!

Thanks Micah.

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Capree said...

Great little film! Wish I could go.. maybe one day. :)