May 7, 2008

Argentina Prints...

As you probably noticed, yesterday I spent some time finally editing through all of my images I shot in Argentina/Uruguay and posted some on the blog.

I have had several inquiries about purchasing these prints along with prints from Hawaii. Well, those wanting to purchase prints from Argentina the images are now available online as fine art prints HERE.

There also will be a 40 page Finao 5x7 fine art book of Argentina/Uruguay and Hawaii that I will be offering as well in the next week. I'll post it once it is finished. I should have the Hawaii images up and available for purchase by the end of this week as well.

PS. There is a 35% off print sale that ends today at midnight (11:59PM MST).

1 comment:

I'm Natalie. said...

Ok, I want to buy that picture of Leo as fine art for my house, but only if you'll photoshop his face off and pop mine in there and we can pretend like I have hair like that.

FYI: I don't anticipate my jokes about Leos hair going away any time soon.

The end.