May 9, 2008


Yesterday I broke a record. According to EXTREME TRACKING (anything extreme is supposed to be in caps right?), I had 548 unique visitors to the blog. I know to some that is totally piddly change. But to me, it was HUGE. The closest I'd ever come was 497 which was on Monday. So, today, I thank you the reader. Thanks for checking in and thanks to those who leave comments as well! If you have not subscribed to the blog yet, do so HERE.


Capree said...

Nicely done. :)

ellen said...

I'm shooting a wedding tomorrow (in Boston) and I always do a few rolls of film is not dead. :) You've got a cool blog.

Kim said...

Awes dood. I'm sure at least half came from my cool blog. Ha ha...just teasing...but what a cool record. You da bomb.